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being with these last lessons a lot of things have appeared. About the lesson 5 and the list i saw where i’m able to reduce my impact (with recycling, using natural products for the cleaning…) and some places where it’s complicated and i see limits. One of them is that if i want consum only “bio” food and products, their base prices are more important than others basics products that i usually buy. It’s a discussion i’ve often had with people only consuming bio and ethical products where they say “yes ok it’s more expensive but as you buy less useless things at the end it’s the same”. Certainly at the end it’s the same when you have a little flexibility, but i’m not sure it’s the same when you don’t have one (or it would be to work just for a place to live and to eat and to do really nothing else). So i’m really in front of a dilemma that i have since a long time, because i’d like since a long time have a better consumption but how to do if my material conditions are short and i’m already living simply with the salary i have. But i had a good experience with that last week ; i went to do my general shoping for what i needed for quotidian life and meals and i only bought bio products and at the end for the payment, the price was too important so i had to let a part of my shopping. But mooving i didn’t feel something negativ like a felling of lake or frustration, i was happy of this shopping despite the fact that i will have to do very simply for the next week. I was surprised to see the satisfaction i finally had, and saw that the deep motivation to make these efforts for the others and the planet makes things easier. But this week (end of month helping) i couldn’t do the same. So I will try to continue these efforts and change gradually more and more my consumption choices; accepting that even if I really would it there are limitations with which I have to negotiate, and also not to fall into guilt when I see I’m in the limit, accepting and clinging to the fact of trying to do my best.And i’ m going to continue to do something i was doing before,( bio products or not !) to try to do my best in front on my consumption, that is the action of bless everything, water, food, people who prepared this food.
About connexion with oneness, the more important times i could feel a deep connection were times during meditations retreats or interior work sessions ; and also especially the contact and the presence of fantastatic teachers, as Burgs, whom presence in itself can drive me to the feeling of oneness. Many thanks for them. Also some contacts with nature being just there, now, with water, air, treas, earth.. have had been experiences of great connexion.
All the best, Alice