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What I have to share is not exactly material but rather one practice and one happy accidental discovery. The first is to do with the Mantra Om. As many of you are aware Om is considered to be the frequency on which the Universe vibrates. As such when practicing with it, particularly in a group setting, I have found that it can bring me to a shift in my perception in the moment where suddenly I find I am suspended within the embrace of all or no-time and all or no-space ( I can’t explain which!) and everything feels complete. There is no need for anything except to abide in that. This can happen completely unexpectedly. An example of this experience which was the result of the happy accident I referred to earlier happened when I was teaching a yoga class recently. I always finish our practice with all of us chanting 3 Oms. This particular morning I was rather sleep deprived. I’m not much of an evening socialiser so on the occasion when I have decided to support friends at late night events I find myself enormously fatigued the next day! I find there are two attitudes I can take when I am in this state. Either I can try to fight the fatigue (usually resulting in high emotions and more fatigue) or take an attitude of surrender (not by falling asleep!) and relaxation, accepting the fact that my reactions are slower etc. At the end of class I led only two Oms before I found myself suddenly in that space described above. There was a sense of completion and we could have sat there in meditation for some time, I believe, were I not aware that we were expected to vacate the studio in a timely manner. Fatigue for me has the potential to arise a state in which I slow down and become more mindful of everything and suddenly what we perceive as the differences between people, objects and energies around us loses its importance and the Oneness emerges in my perception, perhaps only for a tantalising instant! I would love to experience that more! Where things are as they are and I don’t do things because they are what I ‘must do’ but proceed through the day functioning effectively with that sense of equilibrium. I’m not sure I have explained this too well! But I hope it makes sense.