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christie Butterick

Hi everyone
Re my re accruing dream of having too much to pack, or too much to carry … Have not had it since telling u and last night for the first time ever it changed!
I even had less clothes on, only a small waist bag (ok lots of pockets in it) But only a basket with minimum in it so one hand sufficient to carry it (which I was aware of at the time), I had a small child with me, who was very intelligent for his small years, and he too was dressed minimum and carrying same amount as me … Once outside building I didn’t know which direction to take and was lost But at same time knew it was over there somewhere and that I had some directions on a paper inside waist bag, if I Cd find it …. The over all feeling was so different and so much lighter to this common dream experience even with the ‘lost’ sense.
On a different matter, in Part 1 u say to ‘Meditate or reflect upon the notion of the Oneness of all Things’. – and I realise that with the meditation I have done it is always with a focus to keep me on track; that heading is such that I probably wd go into mental processing, as I easily do, so my question is how not to do that? This may not be appropriate here I guess and u have given us some prompts to get a ‘notion’ of it my But is to make this more of a meditation? Sorry if rambling now
Happy connecting to everyone