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Hi everyone, Fermentation and food Preservation are both great ways to less food wastage and to help us keeping our inner ecosystem in great condition. Some members of my family run a business making fruit pulp for juicing out of fruits that they grow and that aren’t good enough to be sold in supermarkets. In the past they used to throw this fruits away but a few years ago they had the brilliant idea of using the fruit that’s still in good condition and convert it into a delicious pulp that can be store in the freezer. This idea was born from a blender in the kitchen which is really what you need to do this. I personally like fermenting food, and i do it quite regularly now as there are endless Ideas for it. For example, if I see that I have lots of beetroot in my fridge and know I won’t be using them before they can go off, I ferment them and in that way they will last for weeks or even months! and you will eat something tremendously nutritious.
I recommend this book for those interested.