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Thank you for your suggestions William.
For my part I’d like to share music because I’ve always loved music, I find that the vibration of some music connects with heart and something greater and feeling this it’s for me a bridge towards oneness. I like lots of different styles of music, here links of sacred music that I find very beautiful ” (I put youtube links because I didn’t find on soundcloud, links are for music, not for the videos that accompany)
Lama Gyurme & Jean Philippe Rykiel – « Offering Chant »

Bhajans of Amma “Mata Rani”

a prayer for compassion « Donas tu compassion »

And I also like very much Jamaican music and reggae because I find it is positive and joyful, making me feel happy (and my heart more joyfull is closer of the joy in oneness). There are so many, for a wink this link to a Bob Marley’s song “thank you Lord”.

Much Metta, Alice