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William Carne

Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the Tao Te Ching.
An inspiring version of this amazing text – I can’t listen to it often enough. (the recording of the translator reading the text is fantastic, available on youtube still I think, or audiobook download).

Also two documentaries in particular:

Into Great SIlence – an amazingly intimate depiction of the community of the Carthusian monks in the French Alps. Really shows the beauty and fulfillment to be found in renunciation, simplicity and being of few needs. It’s a long, slow-paced documentary, watching it feels like a meditation in itself!

Amongst White Clouds – Exploring the lives and teachings of modern day Buddhist hermit monks in the Zhongnan mountains in China.
As Burgs has said, the life of a renunciate monk is not for all of us, but watching these documentaries I found that I was able to carry some of these monks’ inner simplicity with me, for a while, into a life that is infinitely more cluttered.