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Last year, I visited a really inspiring eco-village in wales called Lammas ( They make use of this amazing new planning policy in Wales called One Planet Development. Basically, it allows you to build an eco-home on a piece of land in rural places (which would be really hard to get planning in England) in return for committing to live a truly one planet life – you have to be off grid, powered by renewables, and grow the vast majority of your own food and fuel, as well as derive some income from a land based enterprise (honey, wood carving, veg box scheme, whatever). Every year, the residents actually have to fill out data on their energy use, transport, consumption, etc to demonstrate that they are using only one planet of resources. Clearly, this wont be for everyone and all the number crunching might be going too far for most, but being with people who are really living their truth and one way of answering what this time demands of us, had an amazing energy and sense of liberation to it. If anyone is interested, it might be worth finding out how close or far you are from living a truly one planet life yourself… this calculator from a charity called bioregional is pretty good and just the process of answering the questions (takes about 5 mins) provides lots of ideas about where you can reduce your impact. Probably not the most accurate (they offer a fuller calculator which takes 15 mins) but provides a vague sense of where you might be. I thought my impact would be pretty low – but I’m on 2.7 planets apparently!!! Maybe something to come back to at the end of the course and see where the shifts have been? It’s all here