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Thank you all for these teachings and messages. One part of this that I am struggling with is where being of few needs can come into conflict with being easy to serve. For example, I have recently decided to be vegan to reduce my needs (and impact), and find that by being strict on this and making a vow each month, it makes this more of a powerful gesture. At the same time, I am finding this choice makes me harder to serve when I am hosted by friends, family or others – that sometimes they have to go to extra effort (even when i insist that this is unnecerssary) and that this can sometimes mean that the net-consumption is greater (such as cooking a seperate dish). So it leaves me with a dilemna of how flexible should my approach be? Whats the right balance? Is it more appropriate to be strict with the clarity and energy that this can bring, or better to be easier to serve and less of a burden when on the receiving end of gifts from others? Any guidance would be much appreciated.