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I so feel like Thursa…..just about to be divorced and after 25 years in Mauritius where I was not able to work returning to Canada where I lived for only 6 years and know very few people. Very insecure feeling, one that comes with great joy of being to able to live as simply as I want and also fear and anxiety of how I will manage…..this made me understand how divided I feel about giving….it is something I like to do, feel liberated and also grateful that I can give, but I realise that up till now I had a financial and partnership security behind me and now that it is gone I feel like I have to have a back up plan if I give…something I never needed before……I am sure this is not right to feel like that about giving, it shouldn’t be that conditional I think… do I resolve this?? I really feel it bothers me when this course uncovers this part of my life/mind/character……help!!(?????)