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Just wanted to comment on things stopping you from making changes and close family fit in here to a degree(there are lots of other barriers), they may not understand, buy in to changes which they might see as ‘punitive’ or backward – the usual procession in life is to get more, That’s what you are coached to do at school and in work, attain more money, more power & more things. However, I would like to recount something that happened the other day that gave me an opportunity to engage with the whole family. A few weeks ago I took my 10 year old son to see a football match, he had a bit of money and wanted to buy a pair of the teams shorts, there were none in his size, so that was the end of that. Fast forward to last week and my son walks up to me and says , look dad I had a pair of those shorts anyway, neither he or I had any recollection and they were at the back of a drawer. The point is that he had so much ‘stuff’ he didn’t even know he owned the thing he really wanted already. Crazy. So, that morning as a family we all went into the wardrobes and turned out a raft of ‘clothes we don’t need’ and my son then did the same with his toys, judging by their response the charity shop were quite pleased with their new haul of product. Its just a baby step, but now the family understand a little more about giving up what we don’t really ‘need’ – in fact the whole experience was fun and we worked together as a family and spent time together rather than stuck on an ipad.