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Gail Minter

Yes sharing houses is good – it was at the top of my list. In my 20s and 30s I shared with friends in a few different houses and we pooled resources, skills and experience as well as sharing cooking, shopping, cleaning and living spaces. Heating costs were less because of the shared spaces and cooking. It felt like there was more time to enjoy the companionship. It also felt we brewed some ideas together – they did not come to fruition but time was spent exploring the possibility of self sufficiency. I also felt our diet was simpler and more seasonal – this is in the 70s and early 80s. With the changing seasons there is always something new without needing to be stimulated by the exotic or unusual. It is a delight to grow your own and eat the first pea out of its pod or berry off the bush in the garden! No transport costs involved!
I like to use cotton hankerchiefs rather than tissues.
Travellling by train I can meet people and have some interesting conversations sometimes. I can enjoy the scenery and have time to reflect which I cannot so easily do when driving. Railcards and advance booking or split ticketing can help keep costs down.