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Back in 2011 I was obliged to get rid of everything I couldn’t fit into four small boxes and a suitcase. I had enough furniture to fill two houses and so much else. I freecycled the whole lot, having a few open weekends for people to come and take it away. Many needed furntiure to start their own homes. It felt light. Parts of the process were difficult – strangely enough a tablecloth that had been in my possession for years was the most difficult to give away. A tablecloth! My life has taken me on an odd trajectory since then – it has felt like borrowed time while I readied myself for the next step. The universe has supported me in wild and extraordinary ways.

When I return to England next year I will be buying and living in a campervan. Some days this feels like a wonderful thing, and some days I’m scared – like I deliberately painted myself into a corner and now what? I’m 51, society tells me I should be thinking about my security in old age, and yet my heart is going in the opposite direction and somehow it’s ok. But the fear is still there. I have amassed a small pot of money in the last few years and now I want to reduce my footprint, go vegetarian, live simply, see how long until the money runs out while I give myself this space. My heart sings at the thought of it. (Then is gripped with fear!! Feel the fear and do it, says my heart.)

I am concerned about the deisel I will consume and whether I can use bio-fuel. My son used to go around the chip shops in our local town to relieve them of their used chip oil, and converted our shed into a bio-fuel filtering unit. It was a messy process, but he got some miles out of it in his first van. LPG is also an option to consider. There are many other elements to consider too. Waste water being a major factor. There are different kinds: grey water and black water, and their disposal must be considerate. Little steps I think. Details can be worked on.

I don’t know where this plan will take me, or what will become of me. If you see a slightly mad looking middle aged woman by the side of the road one day, it might be me. Just wave. I’ll know it’s you 🙂