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I think home sharing is a huge area to investigate. groups of friends together, parents living with family towards the end of life. And even ( as i have discussed with my mother) small groups of friends moving in together as they get older to support each other and share resources. My mothers and her friends, have mostly lost their husbands or wives and so may of them live alone and are lonely. Many are also still living in the houses that they raised their families in. When my mother was recovering from a recent operation she went to stay with a friend who had also lost her husband. Her beautiful house had six bedrooms and loads of livings space. I mentioned to them both one afternoon what a wonderful shared space it would be and why didn’t a few of them move in together. And imagine 4 people coming together in that one house would mean there were three other houses available to rent to whole families. Just think how much resource would be saved all round! I think the question is how much are we willing to compromise in order to reduce our footprint. certainly sharing homes if we are pen minded enough to do it, dramatically reduces our consumption. besides living together with good buddies is awesome. It is all too easy to become isolated these days! Community! community!
Ay thoughts on this?