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Dear friends,
thanks for all these sharings in your messages.
About these so important questions that you wrote Katie about death.In my experience it’s very different to reflect about my death or to be in contact of loved ones death. About the death of other persons, i find that’s very hard to face the reality of death, especially when loved ones die. When my partner passed away a little more than two years ago, there are no words to say the tsunami, the drama that it was in my life. The months after he passed away, the only things which help me to live were my deep faith and the profound desire i had not become a weight for my family in becoming no more able because of my suffering. And thanks to this love i was able to work and assume my daily life. Behind, i have had to try to do and i’m still trying to do a big work with acceptation. To accept that i’m young i’m 35 and i’ve to live this separation now. To accept all states of griveing process, sadness ,denial, anger… And as Burgs you told to me, many thanks again for these words there are always in my mind, to be with all these fellings.
Regarding my own death, death is for me one of the more importants teachers on the path. I have had the opoortunities to work in shamanic worksshops based on death consciousness, and what i saw is when i let grow the consciousness of the reality of death as it really is, ie that can arrives just now, in this next instant, i’m completly connected in the present moment. And in these moments everything was absoutely perfect and complete; i was immersed in profound feelings of peace and gratitude towards life. So i do my best to developp that trying to remember me “maybe now it’s my last moment,and i would like to die in peace”. And that can offset bad feelings i could feel. The less easy is to remember and to turn my mind towards that when i’m engaged with my thoughts in what i do. And when i remember, acting as a last moment i feel gratitude towards this beautiful life i had.