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America Aguilera

Another item for the list is for me letting go of egg and dairy products. Certainly in my many hours of reading I have found out how detrimental to the environment and other beings the egg and dairy industries are. Here I need to thank Burgs and the Give Back Programme in giving me a serious kick up the backside. There I was, thinking I should really stop supporting these industries, while wondering whether I could really let go of the evening frozen yoghurt I’ve become accustomed to. Reflecting on being of fewer needs made me realise that if I were trying to go vegan in the UK, and not doing the Give Back Programme, I would be rushing to my nearest giant Tesco and loading my trolley up with a lot of luxuries I don’t need: vegan ice-cream, vegan cupcakes, expensively-processed veggie burgers. But thankfully, I am reflecting on my choices thanks to you all, and also living in Malawi, where such commodities cannot be found. Therefore, I will have to make do with the fruit off the tree for my dessert, as opposed to the expensive, heavily-packaged, imported yoghurt that most Malawians wouldn’t dream of being able to afford. I’ve realised thanks to the hard look you made me cast towards my utterly privileged lifestyle that the slab of butter I regularly buy here costs 20% of a monthly Malawian minimum wage! I’m finding it a lot easier to let go of it now. So thank you for giving me perspective and the drive to keep my actions in line with my principles.