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America Aguilera

I’m not sure whether this is the place for this, but I thought that as well as ideas on what to do, we could mention ways in which we have gone about implementing them, as well as what happened when we did.
I thought I would add to the several mentions of vegetarianism on here to share my experience. I became a vegetarian about two weeks before starting my Give Back Programme, and still can’t work out whether it’s an entire coincidence or not. What I do know is that since then I have extensively researched issues surrounding factory farming and over-fishing and found out that for sure, one of the best ways to stop taking away from our planet, other beings (and ourselves) is to go vegetarian. Empirically, what I have experienced is a surge of happiness I had never felt before. Every Give Back lesson has chimed with the immediate relief and deep contentment I have felt since I stopped eating animal flesh. Burgs’ words about not judging others and just trying to be virtuous, going to bed at night and feeling the lightness of your head on the pillow, have really resonated with me. I have been sleeping like a baby and have had a taste of lasting inner peace like never before. So, as much as I might be giving back with this new diet, I feel I have given myself even more.