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Yes I have Burgs and remember how he put his garden to rest, sorted his sheds and focused on supporting his wife during his last few years.
My grandma too, in the last year of her life must have sorted through and discarded much of her stuff because after she died and her three sons went to her house to start to finalise her affairs, they found no personal correspondence and many empty drawers and cupboards. She was a widow and lived on her own and we all visited her frequently but no-one had seen her tidying up her belongings and preparing for what she gradually realised was her final illness.

I am hoping that my plan for downsizing and moving to a Granny Annexe proves to be feasible and can come to fruition. I think it could bring freedom and open up possibilities for me, and I feel sure I could make the change with a light heart but for the fact that, I have for many years been providing support for my youngest son, who although over forty is seldom in work and suffers from depression and anxiety.
The thing that is proving hard for me is coming to terms with the fact that I am ageing and no longer have the energy, physical strength or resources to continue to run a house for two people without any reciprocal help.

I see a rocky road ahead for us both.
As I see it the challenge is to foster self-honesty and humility whilst maintaining an open, loving heart. I am going to need resilience too!