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At the invitation of my eldest son and his wife I am seriously considering having a ‘Granny Annexe’ built in their garden. At the moment we are just information gathering about planning permission, local council attitudes to this kind of project and costs. Because of space restrictions it would be really small, but have kitchen facilities and shower room etc allowing me to be independent.

This all feels very scary but also very exciting because it could potentially free up a lot of time and more funds for me to follow my interests and maybe travel and go on longer retreats. If I do this I know that It will probably be my final home for what are my last years of life.
In a way, it’s strange how important this decision feels to be right now and how big the choice has grown in my mind when, at my age – middle seventies – so much in terms of my present and future life and health is not at all within my control.
I am here worrying and wondering if I could live in such a small home when, with little warning I could find myself confined to a hospital bed or a small nursing home room tomorrow. Or maybe even not needing any space at all!

Last year I started to go through my cupboards, drawers and files, throwing away and recycling stuff but this sort of petered out as winter arrived. Now I am back sorting and sifting again but it is occurring to me that if I am to achieve a radical downsize the only workable approach will be to give everything away – unless it can prove to me that it is essential. Wow!
Writing this down for the first time here is definitely a step forward in making a change possible.