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Renate Frech

reduce water consumption: turn off rinsing water; use less water to flush toilets; not letting water rinse when shampooing;

reduce consumption of electricity: not letting lights been turned on; no stand-by modus; reducing any tools/machines/devices with high electricity consumption;

attempt to buy primarily real fair trade products, with certificate of human rights standards throughout the production chain, including environmental standards; check with producer, if this ensures no child labour, no forced labour, no chemicals, etc.

buy as much as possible seasonal and local food, with focus to support smaller farmer that grow food organically, avoiding supermarkets;

try to always give something away, when buying something new – this keeps the flow of goods and avoids, we are collecting stuff, that we would not use, but others would;

contribute to raise awareness that food shops distribute food that is close to expiry to homeless people and the poor; I worked shortly with a community project for homeless, where we coordinated with a supermarket providing us once a week with all bread and food, that they were not allowed anymore to sell;

check our ecological and carbon foot print: there are checklists which help a lot to make a self-assessment;

eat as much as possible vegetarian – apart of avoiding to have a living being killed, it is much more environmental friendly and helps to reduce ozon;

….. thank you fro all!