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christie Butterick

In relation to ‘making space’ I have been systematically going through each cupboard in kitchen this Easter; and everything that I am not using, from knives/forks, plastic containers, pans, and electrical items I have given away. – I have space in these places now and intend not to fill them up again … Interestingly I found myself doing these jobs at odd times of the day .. Not easy sometimes but certainly a good feeling after … The plan is to go through whole house in this manor! And for the motivation to not wane.
I have been having very strong dreams of having too much to pack into suitcases, or too much to carry, or too much to sort out and not enough time to do it in .. I have had these kind of dreams before but now they have intensified in detail and regularity and I am tired of being in such situations, time to change .. Thank you Burgs and team