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So many interesting points being raised.
With regards to Mirana’s question what can we actually to, this is something we wish to spend the year exploring. It takes much mindfulness to resist the temptation to just let it be as it is. Changes are inconvenient, and more so when it is often the conveniences themselves that we have to forego to a degree in order reduce our footprint. Like taking trains and busses instead of cars. Walking sometimes. each time we chose to do it the decreeable impact is very small, and it is easy to decide not to. It isn’t until growing numbers of us start to change that the impact is really noticeable. But the first step is one of personal accountability. This means that we are willing to change even if we know others may not yet be willing to. It is abut setting our own accounts in order and hoping that that sets an example that encourages others.
And of course there is the whole question of what constitutes contribution rather than taking out. Certainly this does not only work at the material level, although it is important that we are willing to investigate this aspect, as right now this is the impact that is having the most significant impact on life around us and our planet. As I have said, the question of giving back splits down the middle into taking out less and contributing more. Of course the things we do to support and improve the lives of others are important considerations, as is our whole attitude to service. But I personally think the ball really starts rolling when we agree to do a detailed inventory of where we could be taking out and impacting less in the way we live our daily lives. Rather as Miranda has described of her recent downsizing to a smaller house.