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Are we measuring our contribution and consumption in material terms only? If we are not how do we weigh up our service in, for instance, altruistic movements? And how much would this be offset by the emotional cost to others of your past behaviour?

I am struck by your reference to becoming someone who supports others, rather than someone who is supported. This is something I strive towards for sure. However, I often think of this in material terms i.e by doing a job I find fairly unpleasant there is the possibility of supporting my sister, mother and father. Is this what you are pointing at? Or are we finding ways to support others that are not material. If so, could we elaborate. please. Am I using this ‘idea’ that I may materially support others as a justification for my position in a system which, in the wider context, consumes rather than contributes? I ask because I am genuinely uncertain.

Good topic this, thanks.