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Katie St George

Hello everyone, we have just finished a wonderful course on Death and Dying (spiritual and practical of…). Thank you Charity and Cathy! Reflecting on our own death brought up some very deep questions: What are we afraid of or trying to avoid? Is the way we approach our own death reflective of how we approach life? What is actually important? Are we more afraid of living than dying?

Many people felt a sense of relief as they meditated on their own death, perhaps showing how much we are actually carrying! One friend who is extremely ill has expressed her relief as she has finally given herself permission to let go. However she is still just as concerned about all the practical things she needs to maintain in her life as she is with her illness.

So I suppose I’m asking how does a reflection on death help us to let go of the unnecessary things we are carrying? Or the unnecessary things we are loading our experience of life with. Has anyone’s experience of being close to death or a dying loved one helped them towards a simpler life?

It would be great to know what some of you think about this subject with regards to our current lesson on being of few needs and easy to serve.