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Hi every one.
I would like to put a little context on our investigation of this lesson.
When I ask you to make the reflection. “What has it cost to have me here”, the hope is that it will prompt a profound sense of gratitude, but not a feeling of guilt. Our planet is unfathomably bountiful and giving and much of what we need to explore and delight in an amazing and fortunate life is offered up to us freely by life itself. The reflections are designed to help bring about a feeling of gratitude that may prompt in us a desire and willingness to give back where we can. We are not all of us going to reach a point where we give back as much as we consume, nor is that what is asked of us. The challenge is to give back what we are taking out that is more than reasonable. and of course reducing what we take out contributes more quickly than increasing what we give back. So when we find ourselves looking for ever-more imaginative ways to contribute, remember that the greatest contribution is to stop taking our more than is appropriate. This does not mean we all have to live lives of upmost austerity, simply that we are considerate and reasonable in what we do and how we do it and try not to use more than we need.
Thank you everyone for your reflections and energy, whether they remain in your journals, or are expressed within the group. Every positive thought that we generate is part of the long out breath. in the next few weeks we will start to explore practical ways in which we might start to make his happen.