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Reading all your heartfelt comments is very enlightening. Kate I’m very interested in what your thoughts are on the best way to educate our children is as I have mixed feelings towards school curriculums and systems here in the UK but am not in a position to fund my 10 year olds private education at a Steiner school for example. I love the idea of home schooling, or cooperative schooling but I don’t want to reduce my son’s social opportunities either. That’s a whole other subject I know but how we bring up our children is so important! It is a kindness they will not forget. I love the starfish story too <3 Miranda I’m grateful that it’s never too late to wake up! I try not to think of having a need to catch up, but to fully embrace the moment that we are right now, with a growing sense of gratitude for the transformational opportunity presented to us with every new breath. I know that sound extremely hippy! But if we slow ourselves right down to the moment, we are where we are, and there is no need for the rushing to gain ground we have been conditioned to. Xxx