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I love this thing of being of fewer needs. It excites me! My life up to recent years has seen me being someone with many needs. Mostly emotional perhaps which were impossible for a significant other to fulfill. So I learned to fulfill them myself. I’ve had many false starts on that. Comfort eating, comfort shopping, extraneous hobbies requiring the purchase of various equipment. What did I end up with? A flat full of STUFF and a feeling of being overwhelmed by life. I suddenly realised, ” I don’t need any of this!” And started a process of dismantling the whole thing. So slowly.. Backward steps, more stuff! And I realise sometimes I am trying to express with physical objects something that can only be manifested from inside; stability, warmth, nurture, safety, vibrant energy! Not until starting a meditation practice did this all start to become clearer. Now I am on a path that is taking me from living independently with my son back into a community setting. All this stuff we have amassed? Time to let it go as there will be no space for it! Giving it away will be like ripping off a plaster to find that the wound healed long ago and the skin can now breathe! It’s all good stuff, others will be able to use it. Burgs thank you so much for coming back from the Far East. It would have been perhaps a much slower journey without your teaching and insights. And all my GBGP people, if you or anyone else needs anything, ask me, I probably have one! I’m programmed to ‘yes’ 😉