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Dear friends (again as I noted in my previous post sorry for the mistakes of my english “french touch” 🙂 ). Thank you for your sharings, some of them are resonating in me too. I am a bit confused because i want to communicate with you but do not know how to write, how far to write, to participate while at the same time keeping the spirit of the forum.These weeks with virtue and kindness showed beautiful things but also resistance on my ability to be able to maintain in all circumstances. What I feel is the need to maintain vigilance in me, a desire to remain entrenched in this path when sometimes old habits would appear that are not rooted in kindness towards myself and would push to a hard judgment .Because finally I saw that it was mostly with me that I was hard and I was much kind with others. And I find that it’s not easy to really see how I do, to stay in the dynamic to move towards more virtue, in driving some changes but to be able to do just by doing an observation without any prior comments. And after can live the change. An actually living example of many areas in which I made the same conclusion that I am or I put myself in situations that are not always good for me. I have been working in logistic in a research laboratory for just over two years. Since I started; at the time of my life when I started, this work came as a blessing because I really needed it and it was enormously helpful during the time I was living in my personal life. For that I have a lot of gratitude. However, over 2 years later, I know this is a transition and it is not working conditions that are favourables for me. Even if on the one hand I think that whatever the job that is the way it is exercised which is important, on the other hand I feel to go forward on the path of more kindness towards myself also begins with the fact of exercising an activity in which I could feel better.And where it is complicated is that I have a lot of difficulties in projecting myself into the future and so I feel a little stuck. So I try to rely on another parami and develop more patience.
But in general, in moments a bit confused, kindness acts as a balm which lead back to what is essential, to simplicity and the beauty of life.

Thank you for everything, Alice