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Dear Burgs, dear friends in this travel. First of all about generosity, many thanks for you Burgs for the generosity which is in the base of this course and the presence you offer to us. Thanks for all AOM team too. I’m very happy to be with all of you in this course. Just for a rapid presentation i’m french and i’m still improoving my english so i’m sorry for all language errors that you can read and you will read in my texts, sorry and i hope it will be a little understandable.
Being with generosity these weeks i saw times where generosity is flowing inside my heart and sometimes to keep with it is more challenging. Sometimes i saw that contact generosity could help me to stay in a positive attitude after complicated exchanges that have developed in me bad feelings. In these situations i told to myself that I could also choose to make a more generous choice and to choose do not blame the person with whom I had the impression of having been injured.
Another observation I made is that it seems complicated for a part of me to be generous if it is a ground about which I’ve got an impression of missing in my own life. But when i can go through and really be with generosity i feel my heart calm and happy and i’m just there with things as they are.

Thanks for all;