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Hi Daniela,

Yes, that seems like a great anti-bullying policy! Very inspired. I like the fact that it empowers the kids themselves. That they feel they can and do have a say in what happens to them, and that when acting together they can overcome and crowd out – in a benign fashion – those whose intentions are not kind.

Relating this back to generosity, I think that when we feel empowered, when we feel we can transcend our belief in our limitations and thus believe we can change things – no matter how small the gesture – then immediately our spirit and our heart expands and we are able to extend generosity to others, precisely because that expansion takes us out of our own story (as Michele was commenting) and puts us in a space where extending ourselves does not feel like an effort. On the contrary. Giving becomes effortless.

My husband and I once attended a shamanic ceremony where we got chosen to do the flower blessing at the end. We had to bless everyone who had attended the ceremony with these two beautiful batons of flowers. We’d been up all night and it was a long process but, the more we did it and the more energised we became. People commented as to how we could be so focused and dedicated but we had this amazing feeling that the more love we put into each person as we blessed them, the more we felt that beautiful energy come back to us. Personally, I felt I could have gone on forever… It was the first time that I felt in a very tangible way how giving really is receiving. The more you give, the more you receive. It would be wonderful for me to be able to access that open-hearted space more consistently in my every day life.