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Hi All,
We are halfway through lesson 2. We love the idea of a Dana day and we will definitely be implementing this into our lives. Our only problem is deciding what do to that will really make a difference to the world and people in need around us. For us its not just about doing something to make ourselves feel good about being generous, its about doing something that will really make a difference to other people.
We have just spent 2 months travelling around South Africa and gave away a substantial amount of money to workers in South Africa that we felt needed it. Ie: Petrol pump attendants, maids, cleaners and beggars that we know live in extreme poverty in third world conditions.
Giving these people some extra money not only gave them some financial support but showed them that fellow humans who are better off than they are actually care. The combination of these two things brought so much joy to their lives in that moment and subsequently joy to ours. If we lived in South Africa and had extra money and things there is no doubt we would know what to do.
We are struggling to find the right thing to do for our Dana day in London, and hope that this course and the support of our network will help us find the right path to truly make a difference.
P.s i have been thinking deeply about the transition between adolescence and adulthood and i find this a very interesting subject.
looking forward to meeting up on Sunday.
Adam and Kerry