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Hi Barbara, I agree wholeheartedly with you that children should have such courses included in their curriculum. Of course we would expect parents to do their best and teach this to their children, but we all are aware I am sure that unfortunately this does not happen in as many families as we would want. So schools would be a great place for all children to be exposed to these concepts. The school my 5 year old goes to has adopted a while back a very interesting anti-bullying policy where children are expected to look after each other in case a teacher is not around to see bullying happening – so if they see someone being bullied then the children who see this they all chime in together and say something like ‘that is not nice’ to the bully, and they look after the victim and make the perpetrator aware that the victim is not alone and the bully is doing something wrong and there is not support for this act in the community. I think that is pretty amazing, and it shows how schools can make the society a better place by making the children empathetic to the victim and teaching them the courage to stand up for others and for themselves. I think the world world would definitely be a better place if all schools in the world would use this anti-bullying advice!