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First of all, a heartfelt thank you to Burgs and his team for making such a beautiful course available to us. I was listening to the discourses of lessons 1 and 2 yesterday evening and wished that my children’s school and all schools could have such a programme woven into their curriculum. How beautiful and truly enhancing that would be. I feel this course will be very inspiring as a parent too.

On generosity… I often feel that my generosity comes tinged with guilt, judgment and doubt. I often give to homeless people. When I walk by someone asking for money, I feel the need to give something. I feel guilty for all the things I have and that this person evidently doesn’t have. But with guilt comes judgment too: the other day there were two homeless 100 yards apart. One of them was young, the other old. I gave to the old person (too old to get a job or change his life around, was my thinking) but not to the young one (he looked healthy and I had this thought that giving him money was a way of keeping him on the street rather than enabling him to turn his life around)… But, then again, who am I to judge? In my experience the type of generosity that gladdens my heart the most is the one where I actually do something for someone. To me it always feels more rewarding somehow, though that brings me to the next question: generally speaking, when is it appropriate to help, and when does helping actually disempower the person you are trying to help? Is that when generosity becomes an ego-trip?

I know that one area where I wish to work on is my perception of being time-poor. I always have this script in my head that “I’m terribly busy!” and that makes me sometimes very stingy and ungenerous with the time I make for others (and for myself…). Part of signing up for this course was the desire to change that script.

A question: I was wondering whether under this week’s heading of generosity comes generosity of the spirit, e.g. the generosity to forgive – or does that come under a different parami?

Looking forward to the unfolding of this course.

In gratitude,