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Thank you Renate and Anne for your words. It is a frequently asked question; ‘Is it generous of I do it just because I can, or if I just do it spontaneously?’ The answer is yes. You are always faced with the option of not giving that bottle of water or even that smile.. That you have chosen to give of yourself in service already is an indication that your parami of generosity is strong. So it is in your nature to give unprompted. Unprompted generosity is the highest kind of generosity, because it is marked by the added positive quality of selflessness as opposed to pride. ( more on this to come.) Many times we may feel. ” was is the point in giving, it won’t change things.” At times like this some of us would conclude that there is no point and other might continue to give inspire of the fact. I your case where clearly in each instant there is someone ( or something) that benefits from even the smallest act of kindness it is clearly worth while, even in the knowledge that there will never be an end to those who are in need in some way or another.
As you suggest Anne, sometimes simply to be willing to meet someone where they are in their suffering, even if we are unable to actually ease it, is an act of generosity.It is extra ordinary how powerful can be the positive effect upon someone who is in real difficulty, just to feel met or held by another in such times.