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Renate Frech

I read, listened and reflect – I never thought about this, if I am generous or not – I just give or share without thinking about it. but maybe it is ‘easy’ for me – I work in a refugee camp (in east africa) and live in very basic context. so each day, we go to the camp, and I see the children or refugees and if I have something with me which would be of benefit for them, just give (and sometimes it is just the bottle of water I carry) – it is not that you think, you just reach out and give. but is this generous? – I still know, I leave the camp at the end of the day, I have at least a bucket of water to ‘shower’ – not necessarily what they have. and yet, just giving the simple thing of biscuits makes the children smile – or making a picture and showing them the camera with the picture makes them laugh. once you see, how little it is what you give and how much it means for the other, the only wish that is left, how could we do more.
and knowing, realizing we/I can never give enough, because there are every day new refugees, I started one day just to send light and love to the persons I meet – to those who suffer because of their experience and displacement, and I do not have any other means to help. and sometimes it ‘breaks the heart’ to hear, to listen and not to be able to do anything more than ‘to smile’ – and the question I have then is, ‘is this smile appropriate’ – is it ‘kind’ or is it the ‘wrong place’, as it is just not enough to change.
so, my question is, is it generous, when we give, because we are in a position that makes it so ‘easy to give and feel generous’ or is it not rather a basic act of being human to try to do the best, to give a little bit that eases the other side?