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Renate Frech

Hello, I am reading your comments and know that this course will be quite a challenge for me – the decision to join and participate was a full heart decision, without any thinking – there was just something in it that made me say ‘do it’. however, my reality is that I have hardly time, most of the time weak internet connection (which might result in not being able to join skype conferences) and not knowing how to succeed. and yet, something is telling me, it is important and will be ok. so lets see.
when doing the first part and exercise of the week, I realized though: the aspiration I thought i have revealed suddenly something very different – and the result was a reminder of a ‘project of my heart’ (that’s how I always refer to it), I never had the courage to realize and implement and thus, kept it at the stage of a wonderful mind mapping exercise. maybe over the next months, something is developing – and I will realize in which direction.

what I want to say, thank you – thank you to Burgs – for all this, though it just started, but there is something…