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Hi everyone. Just signing in to let you know your mentors will be emailing each of you in the next day or so to intoduce themselves and intorduce you to your group. The groups will be kept reasonably small (15) so a to remain as personal as possible. There are around 80 of us altogether on the course so far and we will of course hopefully communicate and share more widely and establish connections beyond the asigned groups.
On Sunday we will be hosting a trial skype conference session, just to get the system running smothely. Some fo you will have been contated about joining this.
If any of you are having trouble accessing the material of listening to it please let us know. You can also create your own profile on this site if you wish.
Michele, I have sent your request to Ben who will contact you to help you through the access issue you are having.
Very much looking forward to getting to know you all.
With love