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In these quiet, wintry days at the start of the New Year and before my host of commitments really kicks in, I am using my time to go back over this Living Dhamma course from its beginning in early February.
I am enjoying re-reading the written material from Burgs, listening again to the audio discourses and giving myself the opportunity to really appreciate the breadth and depth of the teachings being presented here.
It is interesting to take an overview and see how many major themes have been covered and illuminated and to reflect on how these dharma truths and this spiritual path encompass and permeate all aspects of this precious human life.
There is nothing outside of it and, it seems to me that, the only way is to fall deeply within it.

As the course comes to an end and as we move into 2016 and the AOM team starts to reveal new initiatives and new on-line course, I have 2 requests.

1. That we get to keep the Living Dhamma Course materials for a few weeks more, at least. So that we can take time to digest the wealth of information and reflect on our own personal understanding, direct experience and progress throughout this year’s journey, in the light of the teachings gathered here.

2. That we have the opportunity to download the Meditation “Try to Touch that Stillness that Lies Behind Everything” which was part of Lesson 29. ( Either for the course participants or on Sound Cloud for everyone).

This has been my ‘turn to’ meditation since it first appeared. When I have had a tough and challenging day and need some inspiration to find that spaciousness that allows all things to come into the right perspective, that lifts the heart and gladdens the mind, I play this Meditation before doing any other form of practice.

Happy New Year