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Karolina Shaw

I love what you say about opening up a space within that we start to inhabit, a space which was previously all too easy to run away from or ignore. That really resonates with me – this whole course has been about opening up that space and learning how to be ‘comfortable in my discomfort’. I still like to run away from this new (but familiar) space at times so I’m a bit stop/start with it all, but it’s increasingly clearer that love is the only way. Isn’t love (to love and to be loved), therefore, our only real need, a need that we are closer to than we realise? And isn’t the distance that we put between it and ourselves when we run from love born only of fear? Isn’t coming back to ourselves an exercise in releasing ourselves from fear and coming back to love? So sad that fear can drive us so far from love but so encouraging to start to see a way back…