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I have so loved this ‘Living Dhamma’ course. Thank you Burgs.

I feel that, over the past 45 weeks, we have, through philosophy, direct experience and practice, gradually penetrated to the very heart of the Dhamma and it is exquisitely beautiful and profound.

The discourses, meditations and music posted here have been the source and inspiration for me to sit in quiet contemplation and overview the experiences of my life and to make quite dramatic lifestyle changes, as well as to continue persevering with my daily meditation practice.

I feel very privileged to have this precious human life and to have been born in an era when the Dhamma has fully arrived in the West and is being taught in such a skilful way that I can understand, appreciate and practise it.
Born in 1941 in the middle of a horrendous war, I could, so easily have missed this message of the possibility of the liberation from suffering and the virtuous path of loving kindness, compassion, joy and serenity.
Being in my seventies now, I am well aware that there is not much time left to me and, I guess that, as far as concentration and mindfulness in meditation is concerned I will remain a ‘beginner student’, for this lifetime at least. But I can, with ease and a light heart resonate with Burgs’ teachings that dwell on the sacredness of all life, the healing power of nature and the joy of service.
From way back in my childhood, my motto has always been, ‘Never give up’ and I expect it will see me through to the end of this life.

As 2015 draws to a close, I find that I am content to be right where I am right now on this journey, in this place and in this moment.

I would like to wish you, Burgs, the AOM team and all my travelling companions on this course a peaceful and happy winter season and a fulfilling year to come.