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I started practising meditation more seriously after I attended a mindfulness course, three years ago. But what attracted me to your teachings was that they showed a deeper side of meditation than that of learning how to focus, concentrate and clear the mind. I am not saying that those are easy, they are not. Or that they are not important. They are. But, I know now that there is more to meditation beyond its first pillar.
Meditation has many applications; different people have different needs and each of us is at a different level of development and search. Many are very happy and I am sure find great benefit from 10m a day in silence. Others will find that basic and unfulfilling. My plea is, please continue to offer the more advanced, with the basic, as well as the ethical and the spiritual. Both the Samatha and Vipassana paths. People can choose what they need. I have just finished a very complicated house move and I emerged from it lacking in anchorage and focus. I went back to the meditations on the breath, working on my concentration. After two weeks I feel much more grounded and back on track. If I can choose the tools I need, anyone can.
You have a way of explaining what is basic with meaning and what is profound with simplicity in a language that resonates with the western tradition. I don’t know many who do.