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Trishna Chohan

I listened with a lot of interest to the week 41 discourse.
It is indeed difficult for you Burgs, as our teacher, as you are one and we students are many. Each student is different and even our aspirations change as we journey through life.
I’m more interested in vipassana (a course that I attended elsewhere). I want to end my life at a higher level of consciousness than I was born with but this may not be the intention for other people. According to Sikh teachings this is the main purpose of having a human birth. Vipassana is hard because it means having to face the truth of what we have brought upon ourselves already and learning to be equanimeous with this truth. Yet it is this very truth that gives the individual the power and strength to persist and stay steadfast in their integrity.
You are right, the temptations of life are very strong and it is a rare individual indeed who can resist them and still stay on the path. I think it is the practice of vipassana that gives the experience and clarity of insight and wisdom which allows one to stay on the sharp razor edge of life (with slightly less chance of being so distracted).
A teacher can only continue to point the way to what he knows to be the essence or the most important part of the path in his heart, the rest lies in each individual’s hands. As in life, each of us has to make our own choices and then live with the consequences.