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Thank you for this discourse Burgs. It’s a really succint one. The Loving Kindness teachings you give have taught me so much and enriched my life endlessly. Every day I refer to them and the insights into my own aversion and pride are invaluable, as are the practices of forgiveness, compassion and kindess. I feel that this has really helped me be a more compassionate and kinder person to others. Although anger and ill will is still arising, I’m finding it fades quicker, the grudge isn’t held and I am not judging myself or others as much when it does.
The track is really different experience. I found my mind was switching between trying to comprehend the words and listening to the music. Then I wanted to concentrate on loving kindness, to meditate, but the music was a distraction from this. It took a while before my mind settled into simply absorbing both. When that happened, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the sneak peak.