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Karolina Shaw

Thank you, Burgs, for another beautiful discourse. I’m working to forgive someone – an absent parent – who has repeatedly wronged me in life and I find myself immensely challenged. Finally, I have come to appreciate the causal nature of these wrongs on an intellectual level, but forgiving and letting go emotionally is something I find so much harder. There is still so much anger and pain. Hate is a strong word and not one to be used loosely, but as Ian Suttie said “love, if frustrated, turns to hate”. Trying to turn that hate back in to love when you have been wronged is such a struggle, but I’m starting to see and feel that opportunities for/acts of reparation – however small – do lead back to love, however primitive a sense of love is initially felt. I used to hate this person, now I just don’t like this person very much – and to me that’s progress/the first step. I’m hopeful I can open up more fully to the natural antidote that sits within my heart – I’m working on it and this course is helping so much 🙂