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Reading the attached Word document I’m struck by two things related to the idea of a “soul connection”. I realise you said “…let’s call it a soul connection…”, but many people will have a lots of emotionally charged stuff around both “soul” and “soul connection”. So the first thought is about what *is* this soul thing? And I’m left confused, because I had though two key teachings of the Buddha were about dependent origination and no-self, so there’s no transcendent personal thing to be going on with and our soulfulness is a part of conventional reality… which brings up my second point where after touching on sexual attraction you move onto the soul idea: it’s really clear to me how in my relationships I’m often working out of psychological patterning that imprinted at a very early age. I think it’s a common theme that early in relationships we see those parts in the other which fill our own developmental gaps, and when the honeymoon period is over there is often a reaction to that in discovering that we still have those gaps and that instead of our partner having fixed them, we still have plenty of psychological work to do.