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Trishna Chohan

In line with other spiritual teachings – it is encouraged to be celibate. This discourse confirms & makes sense of why this is needed, in order to follow and progress on the spiritual path. I don’t know whether its advancing age (nearly 60), experience, insight & reflection or a combination of them that made me realise that I have a choice as to how I want to use my sexual energy. Do I want it to use it, to go down and out or use it for the process of progressing on the spiritual path. Like any other feeling, it arises and gradually passes as long as I am able to meet it with equanimity. It is a question of which choice I value more highly in a given moment. I think of it like energy in a battery. Some things (no matter how pleasurable) are very energy draining. Everyone at any one moment have a choice how they use it. The thing I would really like help with is how to recognise lust i.e. discernment of this from other things, when I ‘window dress it up’ – particularly for lust to progress on the spiritual path. Burgs, is the key element in lust the recognition of the fact, that actions are being done with the aim of “wanting it at any cost”??? How do you define actions ” wanting it any cost” on the spiritual path? Did Buddha not go on his quest for enlightenment by “wanting it any cost”???