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Two things come to my mind about” initiation” stages of coming of âge and a comment of an French gramma to her grandson. Without romanticizing the tribal times it is true that the modern times don’t allow young people to truly switch from childhood to adulthood with “proper” rites of passage. Yes nowaydays one can go off if privileged or brave enough on a quest of discovery in exotic places but that may not lead to intégration in their own community.And it may lead to immaturity in relationships.
The French grandmother was talking to her grandson about her surprise of the state of paranoïa about refugies. She remembered at the end of world war 2 the refugies were in their 1000 not 100 and the question was not even asked, to take them in or not. That is also where we are damaging the fabric je of our society, treating our elders as useless, cumbersome members. How they live their relationships too teaches us where we are coming from… And I agree that we can analyse the structures of relationships à bit like à power points presentation but I do like a poem !!!