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Yes I think the tribal thing is really interesting and how the dynamic of our more intimate and family relationships is interacting with that.
I guess house sharing is quite a natural mini tribal structure were the common bond is hopefully apparent and I’ve have got fond memories of that too.
I get worried though talking about community and partly from past experience that quite a lot of people I know, out of a deep felt need for that true community bond, are looking to be part of community’s based on “like mindedness” like I have before.
It’s invaluable for me to spend time with people that are “like minded”, it’s refreshing and inspiring, and everyone’s up to different things these days so you’ve got to seek out that camaraderie to some extent. But quite often I think we can come together in an ideas based way and mistake that for community without realising how much our minds can link up and start forming some very narrow minded self assuring ideals.
We have lost our tribal heritage wisdom what ever it was and we don’t generally have a structure of elders to keep things steady, quite often our personal goals will over take our loyalties to deeper things these days and that’s a real worry to a community.
Is it weird times for us?
If I look back at the climbing community twenty years ago it was a subsect of “like minded” people but I think for the most part like minded on the heartfelt end of things. It’s going in all directions these days, Red Bull for instance, but I think people are still really looking for community in it.
Something I’ve been reflecting on a lot lately is what aspects of my self in a needyness sense makes me need that community or that relationship, and I think I’m concluding needyness aside that it’s the heart connection I’ve felt has been lacking and that’s really important to my sense of fulfilment and it’s there everywhere anyway.