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Passing on wounding is a really good point I think.
And probably the sad side to the story of our marriage and I guess many other kinds of interactions we have in life, I think they are all relationships of sorts.
I could never do justice to my wife’s story, she has really suffered and on so many levels, she’s a beautiful soul though. Her decision to break up was such a product of terrible “passed on suffering”, that now she is suffering more and that’s the biggest heart break to see her pain multiplying like a ripple effect. I’ve passed suffering on many times, has it passed to me and seen it passed around plenty enough, it’s a crying shame and must be one of the hardest things to come to terms with. I guess sometimes things are just going to to be hard and the way our baggage can interact can be so messy murky and complicated its just got to run its course sometimes in the hope of finding some healing in that. I guess that’s where raising your consciousness comes into it and breaking these cycles, I’m realising the importance of that more and more oh my!