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What I see in my age group, 50’+, in couples is very much attachment. In the best scenario, maturing beautifully in amiable companionship and support in “old age” after the duty of raising the children. But a lot of the time resignation to stale relationships by fear of solitude or lowered standard of living if separating. So yes one of the solutions would be to find a space for creativity and being female I know women are better at sharing that with friends than men. Or maybe men are more “self-contained”? I see also people separating because of attachment to ideas of ideal love not found and trying before it’s too late. It does take courage in my age group!
What I notice , a bit of loose generalities, our parents were more repressed, I am from the 60’s age of liberation- ok a bit superficially?- I’ m curious of how our children, who witness many more complexe combination of families, and live lots more choices, etc will evolve in their relationships? Maybe the idea of universal love will resonate slowly in their psyche and break down the idea of the traditional couple?