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So much to think about and reflect upon, I have been going round, not in circles, but in a kind of spiral every time discovering new meanings and finding difficult to get to a conclusion.
To be totally honest, when I started meditation and mindfulness, I was pursuing a better version of myself. But that gradually shifted and a longing to establish ‘the connection’ took centre stage.
Like Melanie, I don’t think I will achieve in this life the cessation of suffering but I want to do all I can to advance that quest. And like Anne, I am committed to my family, and my circumstances are unlike to change. It wouldn’t be fair to ask those closer to me to adopt a way of life they haven’t chosen. So I will have to live my Dhamma navigating that, knowing that, often, it will require to make adjustments.
I am so grateful to you Burgs for showing the path in the first place, but also for pointing out the options when I am at a crossroads. And it is really nice, reassuring and comforting to have likeminded people with whom to share the walk. My son, who is now in South America, having quit his not very fulfilling city job, feels proud to call himself a ‘traveller’. I guess we are travellers too.